Frequently Asked Questions

How much is a print?

It depends on the desired size. Check out our pricelist for reference.

For custom sizes, get a quote using our price calculator or drop an e-mail in the pricing page linked above.

How long until I get my order?

Production starts after we receive both payment and file. Production will take a maximum of 7 working days (that excludes Saturdays, Sundays, and holidays). Shipping takes take 1 to 3 days within Metro Manila, 3 to 6 days in other areas.
How do I get my order?

We can ship it right to your doorstep!
Can I pay online and pick up in one of the branches?

Unfortunately, that is not possible. You can always drop by one of our stores to purchase directly from the said branch. Our staff would gladly assist you with your orders.

Stores are open:
  • National Book Store Glorietta 1 Branch: 11:00am - 9:00pm daily
  • National Book Store Quezon Avenue Branch: 9:00am - 9:00pm daily
  • National Book Store Shangri-La Plaza Branch
How much is shipping?

The cost depends on the size and quantity of your order. Check our Shipping Guide for reference.
Can you ship outside Manila? Outside the Philippines?

We ship door-to-door, anywhere in the Philippines. International shipping isn’t available yet as of the moment.
What image format and size do you need?

We recommend the JPEG file, but we also accept RAW, PNG, PSD, or TIFF files. The required file size should be at 3MB at 300 DPI or higher. The quality of your print will depend on the quality of the image you send in, and we'd like to give you only the best.

Tip: An original file taken with a 7 megapixel camera will give you a good quality print. Photos grabbed from social media sites such as Facebook and Instagram or from the web are not advisable.
Can I send in an actual photo for scanning?

At the moment, we exclusively handle digital files only. We’re still working on measures on how safeguard the integrity of your actual photos. Thanks for understanding.
Will the prints match the photos in my monitor?

Like in most printing, the photos won't match exactly as there are color variances from one screen to another. Since your images are in RGB and we print in CMYK, photos usually turn out a little darker on print than on screen. But we do our darn best to match them.
How do I clean my prints?

Just like any artwork, clean gently. We recommend a light touch with a feather duster or with soft dry cloth.
Water or other cleaning agents will almost definitely create chemical reactions that will affect appearances. Keep your prints cool, dry, and away from direct light.
Will my prints fade?

Fading is mainly due to exposure from UV rays (sunlight) and air pollutants. We strongly advise you to keep your prints indoors, in a cool and dry wall away from direct sunlight or moisture.
What printer do you use?

We use a 12-color dye ink printer which is specifically geared for photo printing to achieve the best level of detail for your images.
I have more questions. How do I get in touch with you?

Send us a message through our Contact Form.